February 6, 2015

Shri Prabhat Agarwal

Shri Prabhat Agarwal is one of the fortunate few who receive inspiration for a higher calling at a very young age. A graduate from IIT Delhi, along with other spiritual seekers founded ” The Last Centre”. A non- religious, non- profit organization which does not propound any ideology, cult or theory wherein delivering deepest answers of life through Gyan and Dhyan. He has brought spirituality into practice in a normal social structure for example starting a spiritual business organization for transforming engineering education.  His vision is to create enlightened communities engaged in creating new possibilities in the field of education, business, administration and ultimately creating conscious leaders for social transformation.

Life has always been an enigma–where do we come from?–where do we go after death? What is the meaning or purposes of life–these are the questions, answer to which we have all been looking for. In this prevailing darkness, people look up to Shri Prabhat Ji as a beacon of light and hope.

Words are short to describe this youth transformation spiritual leader.